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Little Pinkie - Village of Micely Easter Accessories
Little Pinkie

This tiny mouselet is ready for Easter in her sparkly pink dress!

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One Big Robin's Egg - Village of Micely Easter Accessories
One Big Robin's Egg

One big unhatched Robin’s egg is a lucky find, and a sure sign that Spring isn’t that far behind.

Approx. 3/4 inches tall.

Part of the "One Big Egg" Collection


One Big Blue Egg - Village of Micely Easter Accessories
One Big Yellow Egg

Sometimes the Easter Bunny
leaves extra special eggs for the little mouselets
of the Village to find!

Approx. 3/4 inches tall.

3rd in "One Big Egg" Collection

Available as either an accessory or ornament. Accessory does not have a hook for hanging.

Palmer - Village of Micely Easter Ornament

Palmer loves his Easter treat
a chocolate bunny,
whose ears are
irresistible to nibbling!

Approx.. 1-1/2 inches tall.

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Dew Drop Pond - Village of Micely Easter Accessory
Dew Drop Pond

For a baby chick,
a puddle is perfect training
for oh so tiny feathers.

Approx.. Less than 1/2-inch tall.

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Sonny's Surprise - Village of Micely Easter Ornament
Sonny's Surprise

This year our mouse Sonny gets to play the Easter Bunny!
Look at what he found
for the little mouselets too see,
why it's a newborn baby chickie!

Approx.. 2 inches tall.

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Just Saying Hello - Village of Micely Clown Spring Ornament
Just Saying Hello

This little clownish mouse
is just here to say,
Hello and have a mice spring day!!

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