The Village of Micely Newsletter

Volume III • April 2014



This little goofy fellow wandered into the village today and has been causing all kinds of craziness! He even found his way to our Facebook page...

Our question to you is, do you need some goofiness in your collection? If so, read on...

No Time To Goof Off!
From now until Sunday night (April 6th) at 11:59 pm, you can enter to win this little guy by going to our Facebook page and entering a name suggestion for him under the comments section.

When the time is up, the comment with the most likes will win him!

Even if you don't enter, take a moment to vote on your favorite suggestions! There is no limit on suggestions or voting.

What makes this little mouse unique?
This is the first Micely piece made of mixed-media. It's a typical cast piece with hand-sculpted additions. As such, it is unique, fragile and is a figurine, not an ornament. While it's possible there may be another jester in the future (let us know if you'd like to see one) this one will always be unique.

Retirement Reminder...
The mice recently made their first picks for retirements in 2014. They will pick again mid-year. Here is the current retirement list:

Grandma's Fitting Gift - Retired
What Luck! - April 30, 2014
Easter Rose - April 30, 2014
Bunting Up for the Fourth - July 31, 2014

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