The Village of Micely Newsletter

Volume III • May 2014

Spotlight on Liberty

Miss Liberty - Micely Patriotic Ornament

Miss Liberty unfinished sculpt

Due to her small size,
Miss Liberty was sculpted
atop a 1986 quarter

Miss Liberty will soon be the newest addition to Micely’s Patriotic collection.

Just like Uncle Samouse before her, Miss Liberty has an honored role in the Village's annual Fourth of July festivities... She stands on stage proudly, holding her little torch high as liberty and freedom are explained to all the little mouselets intently gazing up from the audience below.

Like the real Statue of Liberty, Miss Liberty is perched a little higher on stage, but not on an elaborate pedestal, just a simple crate. However, with her proud dedication to the role, no mouse watching would ever take notice of her humble footing.

Crafting Miss Liberty
While sculpting this little ornament, I looked at hundreds of photos of the real statue, studying perspectives of it I had never considered before. Not having had the opportunity of seeing her in person myself, I took extra care in my online research to try to capture the spirit of the original.

In my studies of her, one thing struck me is how those who saw her in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s knew her as being copper brown. I wonder how they would react to seeing her weathered, green patina today. Would she be the same statue to them?

Finally, for Miss Liberty, to make her shine a little brighter and truer, I used a clear coated, gold leaf application for the flame of her torch.

Miss Liberty will pop into the General Store later this month, in time for holiday decorating!


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Retirement Reminder...
Bunting Up for the Fourth - July 31, 2014

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