The Village of Micely Newsletter

Volume III • August 2014

Micely Halloween Monsters
The Making of a Monster

Click to see Frankie coming to life gallery
Click to see a photo gallery of
Frankie coming to life.

Making a monster is no small feat, especially when the monster has big FEET!

I must admit, adding an iconic character like Frankenstein to the Village wasn’t my first priority, but my friend Marc, who is a godfather to the mice, kept insisting he would make a great addition.

Through a series of phone calls and video chats, I sculpted little Frankie to Marc’s concept, down the individual hairs on his head.

It wasn’t always easy, for instance, the bolts on his neck were made of trimmed-down toothpicks. The problem is at that small of size they split and tear very easily, so I spent nearly a day just trying to get two perfect bolts. (No toothpick was spared!) More than few times I got perfect bolts, but they ended up flying across the room, never to be found.

In the end, I am really happy with our little creation, I think he turned out micely!

But no matter, HE'S ALIVE!


P.S. Want more Halloween? This October send in a photo of your Micely Halloween display and you'll get the fourth in series "A Micely Thank You," which this year is Halloween themed!

Studio Update

Thank you to everyone who wished us a Happy Third Birthday earlier this month! The mice were overwhelmed with good wishes!

Thank you also for the kind words about the miniature birthday celebration ornament, which was my first attempt at sculpting with a straight pin!

Since it's a special birthday ornament, it will only be available through December 31, 2014.

New Releases for August 11, 2014

Victorian Doll
Victorian Doll
Third Birthday
Celebration Ornament


Whoos Watching Me
Whoo's Watching Me

"Lil' Punkin"

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