The Village of Micely Newsletter

Volume III • October 2014 / Part 1

Bea's Village of Micely Halloween Display
Halloween Felt Just Right This Year

Bea with her Halloween Village.

Halloween Village close up.

Are your mice ready for Halloween?

The mice who live in Bea’s little Village in Minnesota are definitely ready for the big night now!

Bea is a crafter and an avid felter. She decided to go all out for Halloween by creating a special area for her mice to trick-or-treat in this year!

Her three-paneled display is complete with pumpkins, ghosts, and a scary autumn tree filled with leaves and acorns. A moon, an owl and a hoard of playful bats keep watch over the mice as they have fun below. An autumn mat lets them stomp in the leaves without any of the mess!

Bea said she found the materials for her little display at her local Joann craft store and put it all together in about a weekend! While most of the display is made of felt, parts of it come from the scrapbooking section. The entire display is hand-sewn together beautifully!

You’ve now seen Bea’s Halloween display… What are your plans for Halloween?


P.S. If you are a crafter who wears glasses to create, Bea has her own collection of eyeglass chains that might make things easier for you. You can see her beautiful handcrafted work at:

Time for "A Micely Thank You" Again!
Every year the mice request photos from all the Micely Villages spread out across the country. This year they are asking for Halloween photos. Do you have a trick-or-treat area set up for them like Bea? Do you hang them on a tree? Set them on a shelf? However you decorate, take a photo of your Micely Halloween display and email it to us at or post it to our Facebook page.

Everyone who submits a photo will receive the fourth in series of "A Micely Thank You." Submitting a photo is the only way to receive this ornament, it's not for sale! As always, the design is secret until it arrives at your door. (Hint - it is autumn themed.)

The last day to submit a photo is Monday, November 3, 2014. You may submit multiple photos but the ornament is limited to one per person.

Last Minute Halloween Addition
We hear from many of our friends that their mice would like more accessories for their Villages. One request came in that would like to see a few more tombstone decorations, but didn't need an owl sitting on every single one...

That's simple enough, we asked the owl to temporarily perch in a tree instead and now we have, "The Muenster's Tombstone" accessory in the store for a limited time. The leaf color will be random to give some variety for those who have more than one. (If you have a leaf color preference, just include it in your order's notes.)

The mice still have Christmas news to share, so we are separating that information into a second newsletter which will be sent out later this month.

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